Seeking Artists and Arts Organizations for Steinfeld Warehouse Community Arts Center

Seeking Artists and Arts Organizations For New Creative Community: WAMO will soon be opening the recently renovated Steinfeld Warehouse Community Arts Center.

Our vision is to cultivate a vibrant, interactive environment that sparks creative expression, ultimately leading to marketing opportunities through exhibits, performance and arts education.  WAMO intends to bring together artists from all disciplines with compatible retail to establish a place for artists to thrive and for our community to engage in diverse cultural experiences.

Defining the plan for a successful, new art center that can both welcome the public and be a great, personal work space is underway.  Curating the tenants and their artistic contributions with the space is a critical component of plan development.  We seek individuals and groups that want to contribute to the growth of our vision for a vibrant community arts center. We will have an “Open House” on September 13 from 10AM to Noon to see the rough space at 101 W Sixth Street, enter from courtyard on the rear alley.

Steinfeld Details

The Steinfeld Warehouse has two levels; one about four feet above street level and the other about five feet below street grade. It is anticipated that all spaces will be heated and air conditioned and prices reflect this HVAC availability. Larger tenants will be responsible for their own air exchange/ventilation of fumes, unless that is discussed and included in our lease negotiations. The rear courtyard will be a performance space. The old sheds will be rebuilt with large windows or garage type rolling doors. ADA accessible. Zoning permits sales from all units. Some units will be zoned for live work studios. This Upper Level will also include a WAMO office, eight affordable one bedroom apartments of 950SF targeted towards artists, two “artist in residence” studio apartments of 400SF for short term leasing. Larger unit rents do not include utilities.

Rents: Upper Level and Courtyard Shed Units

High ceilings, skylights, exposed beams and columns, leased space facing Ninth Avenue or around a central zaguan, an open air passageway through the building from Ninth Avenue to the courtyard.

Estimated at $.75 to $1 per SF per month range; rents are negotiable with less expensive finishes or where tenant will build out themselves with a City of Tucson approved Tenant Improvement Permit.

Rents: Lower Level

This level will have excavated rear courtyard access and interior stair access, and some units with courtyard facing windows. This level will have two shared classrooms for daily lease and public restrooms. Lower but adequate ceiling heights, some windows and light tubes, larger units will have water and gas availability.

Estimated at $.40 to $.60 per SF rents are negotiable with less expensive finishes or where tenant will build out themselves with a City of Tucson approved Tenant Improvement Permit.

The Process

This first step is for artists and arts organizations seeking to operate a gallery, café or retail business or work spaces of 1,000 SF or more.  Prospective tenants who are interested in smaller spaces will be invited later.

As the first part of the application process, please download, complete, and submit our questionnaire by October 4, along with a one-page resume.  You will be contacted within 45 days for follow up.

Questions? Please contact Jim Wilcox.

Download the Questionnaire