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Steinfeld Warehouse

Downtown Tucsonan: Artists Shopping for $1.5 Million to Revive Steinfeld Warehouse

As soon as artists got the keys to the Steinfeld Warehouse on Nov. 9, 2011, they scooted onto the fast-track to resurrect the 1907 brick structure as a live-work-shop-dine haven for artists.

Fast-track does not mean overnight for a fragile, 105-year warehouse – more like 2014. The Steinfeld has stood vacant since artists were evicted in July 2007, and Mother Nature has not been kind to the warehouse in the mean time or in the 30 years since it was acquired by the Arizona Department of Transportation.The Steinfeld may not look any different now when you drive by on 6th Street, but a closer inspection with architect Corky Poster reveals a world of difference.

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Downtown Tucsonan: Steinfeld Warehouse Stands Ready for Its Next Chapter

The Steinfeld Warehouse, 101 W. 6th St., now stands ready for the next phase to allow artists to reoccupy the 1907 brick warehouse.

First things had to come first. Six months of stabilization work brought the historic structure up to code with extensive brick, roof and foundation work.

“It went very smoothly,” said Liz Burden, president of the Warehouse Arts Management Organization, which owns the Steinfeld Warehouse.

That doesn’t mean people can move in today.

WAMO simply has a stabilized shell of a building. The interior is just a conceptual plan on paper that still needs the fine details. Constructions plans need to be drawn, and WAMO still needs to assemble money for interior work.

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Downtown Tucsonan: Steinfeld Warehouse Poised for Resident Artists

A vision is taking shape for the next chapter of the 105-year old Steinfeld Warehouse, 101 West 6th Street, which is now owned by the Warehouse Arts Management Organization.

Imagine as soon as the next couple years seeing artists living in the portion of Steinfeld along 6th Street and commercial arts enterprises and public art studios along the 9th Avenue section.

WAMO members and the Poster Frost Mirto architecture and urban planning firm have been collaborating over the past month or so to come up with a conceptual plan for the Steinfeld, which has sat empty since 2007.

Artists came to a basic consensus on January 26 after picking and choosing elements from three different conceptual plans presented by Post Frost Mirto.

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KVOA: Help Decide What Happens with the Steinfeld Warehouse

A 100-year-old brick building is sitting empty in downtown Tucson, but not for long. You can have a say in the future of the Steinfeld Warehouse.

Back in 2007 the Arizona Department of Transportation evicted all tenants from the fragile brick building. Now a non-profit is working to bring it back as a focal point of the area.

The Steinfeld was built in 1907. Today, if you were to pass 101 West Sixth Street, it looks a lot different than it did then. The Warehouse Arts Management Organization, or WAMO, hopes to change that.

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