Steinfeld Warehouse: Power Up!

In Tucson, Arizona, the Steinfeld Warehouse is the oldest surviving industrial warehouse. Built in 1907, the structure is included on the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Tucson Warehouse Historic District. The warehouse stands today is an early example of Victorian Commercial architecture, complete with corbelled red brick details, segmented arches above door and window openings, and a 1920s-era storefront addition with two-tone, wire-cut faced brick and cast stone. It’s make up is three large bays totaling 20,000 square feet. Each bay has it’s own basement of equal square footage. The tongue and groove floor boards are supported by enormous horizontal beams underneath. The pebble foundation is constructed of volcanic stone from nearby Sentinel Peak.

What’s already been done:

  • Acquisition of the property from the City of Tucson.
  • Shored up the foundation and walls.
  • Installed new roof.
  • Strengthen and re-engineer the entire structure while honoring it’s historic appearance.
  • Architects, engineers, and building inspectors have approved the finished structure.

What’s needed:
The shell is done, but we need to Power it UP!

  • Purchase materials for 1200 amp three phase 208 Watts, gutter boxes, breaker boxes, subpanels, new wiring for the entire warehouse, 250 new indoor outlets, 250 gang boxes, 25 outdoor outlets, 125 new indoor light fixtures, 12 outdoor light fixtures, 26 lit Exit signs, 55 emergency lights, electrical conduit, conduit connectors, conduit fasteners, and miscellaneous electric.
  • Hire electrical engineer to design it.
  • Acquire city permits.
  • Hire electricians to install it all.

Then, host a party for all our supporters of this phase of development! Yay!

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photo: John Sartin