Study of the Warehouse Arts District

WAMO Collaborates with Tucson Pima Arts Council on study of the Warehouse Arts District

With a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), TPAC has completed an in-depth research study and outreach campaign for Downtown Tucson’s Warehouse Arts District; home to scores of galleries, performance spaces, artist studios and creative industries.

The report; Our Town-Tucson: A Study of One Naturally Occurring Cultural District captures a portrait of the vibrant arts district and makes a case for its impact on our regional economy and society—including the pivotal role it has played in Downtown Tucson’s revitalization.

Visibility Campaign

A secondary project developed tools that promote awareness of and build support for the District. Marking the Sites, an on-the-street visibility campaign calls attention to the arts activities or businesses within the buildings in the district. 

Cultural Asset Map

A Cultural Asset Map of the District and adjoining districts along the Sun Link Tucson Streetcar line has been launched. The map illustrates the dynamic arts core that exists at the heart of Downtown Tucson’s revitalization. As the districts along the Street Car route expand the map will reflect this growth. It is TPAC’s goal to map the arts and arts based business within every part of the city. 

It is hoped that this project will provide a model for future cultural district mapping and analysis efforts.

Learn more about the project at the TPAC website.

For more information on the project email Sally Krommes or call her at 520-624-0595 # 16