WAMO Moves Forward with Renovation of Steinfeld Warehouse

As soon as artists got the keys to the Steinfeld Warehouse on Nov. 9, 2011, they scooted onto the fast-track to resurrect the 1907 brick structure as a live-work-shop-dine haven for artists. Fast-track does not mean overnight for a fragile, 105-year warehouse – more like 2014. WAMO owns the Steinfeld Warehouse these days after a five-year saga that started when the Arizona Department of Transportation removed the tenant artists from the warehouse in July 2007. The ensuing years saw the structure pass from ADOT ownership to City ownership. The City sold the Steinfeld (but not the land beneath it) to WAMO on Nov. 9, 2011.

The warehouse got a $980,000 major tune-up with upward of 5,000 replacement bricks; new mortar on the foundation rock level and the lowest brick wall level above the foundations; and the entire roof structure was replaced. “The next phase will be grant writing, fundraising, borrowing,” Burden said. “We have a small grant to get started with construction drawings.” The concept for the updated Steinfeld envisions 10 live/work units that each offer living and studio space.

There is a distinct possibility that the Steinfeld will expand to include surrounding acreage in the near future. As  of now, the Steinfeld has no surrounding acreage because 6th Street and 9th Avenue run right alongside the building. However, the new Downtown Links roadway will move 6th Street a few hundred feet to the north, creating a potential park space outside Steinfeld. “That’s a real opportunity in the long run for Steinfeld,” said Corky Poster, one of the lead architects working on the structure.

It is only a matter of time before resident artists can realize their vision of occupying the 105 year-old historic Warehouse.